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"Super Bonder" is an irreplaceable and very necessary product for every lash master. It has a triple application and performs several functions.

▪️The first function: accelerates the action of the glue and helps it work faster when the ambient temperature and humidity change.

▪️The second function: accelerates the hardening of the glue from the inside, so the client does not feel discomfort after the procedure. With "Super Binder" the fans do not close.

➖Usage: ▪️Take a small amount of the product with a microbrush and use it on the roots of the false eyelashes.

▪️The second method is immersing tassels or eyelashes in the product and then glue

▪️Third method: take a small amount of the product with a microbrush and after the procedure, swipe it over the place where the eyelashes stick together.

You can also use this product to neutralize the glue drop after use.

Composition: water, glycerin, amine, 1,3-butanediol, fragrance, vitamin C derivatives.

Made in Korea.

The expiration date is written on the bottom of the bottle.



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