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eyelash lamination


Eyelash lamination is a procedure during which natural lashes are lifted at the roots with the help of a special roller, curved, and at the end of the procedure they are filled with pigment, which makes the lashes darker.

Eyelash curl and color saturation can last up to 2 months. Of course, it all depends on your body's physiology and hormones, as a result of which the effect may be even longer for some, but for others. Pros of the procedure:

  • Eyelashes are given volume, they are lifted from the roots.

  • They look much longer, thicker and shinier thanks to the oils in the products.

  • The eyes look more open and brighter after the procedure.

  • The procedure is suitable for both men and women.

  • After 24 hours, you can wet and dye your lashes with mascara, visit saunas and solariums.


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